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Imran Khan’s supporters may face challenges forming a government coalition despite election victory”.


Feb 11, 2024
Khan emerges victorious in Pakistan’s elections but will not lead the government

Imran Khan’s supporters may have won a majority of seats in the elections, but they could be excluded from negotiating to form a government coalition. This could be due to statements made by Army Chief Syed Asim Munir, emphasizing the need for Pakistan to “break away from the policy of anarchy and polarization which is not befitting of a progressive country.” Despite this, Imran Khan’s party has exceeded expectations, with independent candidates supported by him winning at least 99 seats. Nawaz Sharif’s Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N), the expected favorite in the elections, obtained 71 seats, and Bilawal Bhutto Zardari’s Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) is third with 53 seats.

Imran Khan’s party released an AI-generated video showing him claiming victory in the elections. The former prime minister says in this video that “I congratulate all of you for winning the 2024 elections.” However, due to delays in counting and allegations of pre-election fraud, many believe that Imran Khan’s voters feel that their victory was stolen from them. The closure of mobile phone and internet services by authorities has also fueled doubts about the fairness of the elections. In contrast to Imran Khan’s voters, Nawaz Sharif has invited other successful parties and candidates to work with his party. Although Imran Khan’s party achieved unexpected success, they were not allowed to appear on the ballot papers as their candidates ran as independents. The smaller parties won 27 seats in total and could attract Imran Khan’s attention in the coming days.

In conclusion, despite winning a majority of seats in the elections, Imran Khan and his supporters may still face challenges when it comes to forming a government coalition due to various factors such as statements made by Army Chief Syed Asim Munir and accusations of pre-election fraud. It remains to be seen how negotiations between political parties will unfold in order for a stable government to be formed in Pakistan.

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