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Hope for Essential Tremors: Rick Brandes’ Transformative Journey to Regain Control Over His Hands with Focused Ultrasound Procedure

BySamantha Jones

Apr 4, 2024
Indy man back to fishing thanks to successful procedure at IU Health

For three decades, Rick Brandes has been dealing with shaky hands, which has significantly affected his confidence. This condition is a result of essential tremors, a genetic disorder that causes uncontrollable shaking in specific muscle groups. Brandes has experienced the challenges that come with this condition, such as embarrassing moments on dates and losing the ability to engage in activities he loves, like fishing.

Despite his struggles, Brandes sought help from his neurosurgeon at IU Health, who introduced him to the Focused Ultrasound procedure as a potential solution. Dr. Thomas Whitt brought the Focused Ultrasound procedure to Indianapolis in August 2023 to assist patients with essential tremors. This non-invasive technique doesn’t require incisions or drilling in the head. By using a metal frame and ultrasound waves guided by the frame, doctors can target and destroy specific cells causing tremors, reducing symptoms while minimizing side effects.

Brandes underwent the Focused Ultrasound procedure and experienced significant improvements in his condition. The procedure was successful in alleviating his tremors, with minimal side effects such as numbness around the mouth. Brandes expressed how transformative the treatment has been for him, allowing him to pursue activities like fishing without hindrance for the first time in years. With newfound confidence and stability in his hands, Brandes is excited about fishing without tremors again.

Brandes owns a fishing boat for four years and is looking forward to relishing the experience of casting a line without interference from shaky hands. He hopes that this treatment will allow him to reconnect with his passion and enjoy moments of peace and joy on the water.

The impact of essential tremors on individuals goes beyond physical symptoms; it affects their social life as well. Brandes shared how it led to embarrassing situations where he felt ashamed about spilling food or drinks in public.

Dr. Whitt’s introduction of Focused Ultrasound procedure brought hope for individuals suffering from essential tremors like Brandes. The non-invasive technique promises to alleviate symptoms while minimizing side effects.

In conclusion, Rick Brandes’ story serves as an inspiration for those struggling with essential tremors who are seeking hopeful solutions like Focused Ultrasound procedures that promise significant improvements while minimizing risks associated with traditional treatments.

By Samantha Jones

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