• Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

High-Stakes Euro Qualification Showdown: Don’t Miss the Three Thrilling Head-to-Head Matches for a Spot in Germany!


Nov 20, 2023

The European Football Championship is drawing to a close as Croatia and Wales will be the last direct participants in the qualifying round after the final matches on Tuesday. Monday has three exciting games planned, each with their own surprises in store.

In Latvia, Croatia emerged victorious with a 0-2 win over England, who has already secured first place in the group and will visit North Macedonia. Meanwhile, Italy welcomed Ukraine at BayArena in Leverkusen and could once again send it to the play-offs. The two teams are currently tied on points and Italy needs a win to qualify for the Euros while formal hosts must also go for victory. The odds of this happening are only 20%.

Albania is another surprise story of these qualifications as they have secured their place with a draw against Moldova on Friday, but not yet first place. They are now one victory away from qualifying for their second major competition after Euro 2016. This would be a significant achievement considering that they finished last seven times in qualifications for major competitions and never better than fourth place. If Albania wins, it would be a historic event that would make headlines all around Europe.

Moldova is currently ranked 157th on Fifa’s ranking, behind only Andorra, Malta, Gibraltar, Liechtenstein and San Marino. However, if they win against Czech Republic in Olomouc on Monday evening, they could qualify for the Euro without having to face play-offs. Bookies give them only an 8% chance of achieving this feat but if they do manage to secure a victory, it would be an incredible accomplishment that no one would have predicted beforehand.

Slovenia is also poised to make history as they were leading Denmark 1-0 until Danes drew level at half time in Friday’s match. Slovenians still have another match point up their sleeve which they must not lose against Kazakhstan on Monday night at Stožice stadium in Ljubljana

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