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Global Leaders Meet in Seoul to Discuss AI Regulation and Safety: Summit Focuses on Job Security, Copyright Issues, and Inequality

BySamantha Jones

May 22, 2024
South Korea, summit host, emphasizes necessity of global cooperation in advancing AI technology

In Seoul, South Korea, a summit was held in partnership with Britain to discuss various concerns related to rapidly evolving AI technology. The summit focused on topics such as job security, copyright issues, and inequality. On the previous day, 16 tech companies signed a voluntary agreement to develop AI safely. Another pledge signed by 14 companies, including tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and OpenAI, highlighted the use of methods like watermarking to identify AI-generated content and ensure job creation and support for socially vulnerable groups.

South Korea’s Minister of Science and ICT, Lee Jong-Ho, emphasized the importance of global cooperation in the field of AI. He stated that it is not an option but a requirement for progress. The summit helped shape ongoing discussions on AI safety, innovation, and inclusivity. Plans for future collaboration on AI safety institutes were also discussed.

The global AI summit originated in Britain and is set to continue with the next in-person gathering expected to take place in France around 2025. Participants from various countries discussed cooperation between government-backed AI safety institutes to regulate the technology effectively.

While some experts welcomed the progress made in regulating AI technologies, others suggested that rules need to be enforced to ensure safety for all. Suggestions were made for AI services to undergo mandatory safety testing before being released to the market so that companies prioritize safety over profit. Flexibility in laws and regulations was also highlighted by the South Korean science minister as essential for ensuring the safe use of AI technologies by the public.

By Samantha Jones

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