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Girls Embrace Science and Encourage Imagination at UN Dedicated Day


Feb 13, 2024
Girls enthusiastically participated in science activities on the UN’s International Day dedicated to them

On a day dedicated to them by the UN, girls excitedly participated in science activities at the Library of Mexico. The aim was to promote scientific skills and imagination in young people. The adopt a talent program conducted a series of workshops where participants carried out experiments and proposed solutions to challenges.

During the experiments, the girls were able to use their imagination and develop their scientific skills. The first experiment required them to design and create a model that would allow objects to remain on the surface of water. They used aluminum foil structures based on their imagination, basic information, and verification. The second experiment called for the girls to propose ways to reverse oil contamination in water, encouraging reflection and the design of different strategies to clean contaminated waters.

Curiosity sparked a lot of questions and discussions among the participants during the experiments. They touched the materials, observed, and used their imaginations while carrying out the tasks. Following the experiments, the girls learned lessons about the importance of cleaning contaminated water and even shared their newfound knowledge with their parents.

The adopt a talent program aims to encourage young people to observe, learn to predict, generate hypotheses, and interpret data. They also work with groups in different states to offer periodic workshops. The day ended with presentations about the challenges faced by women in the field of science, with a focus not only on sharing stories of successful female scientists but also on the obstacles that women face in the scientific community. The presentations emphasized

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