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From Top to Bottom: The Rise and Fall of Avocado Exporters in the US Market


Feb 10, 2024
Mexico dominates the US avocado supply market

In 2023, the avocado export market to the US registered a value of $2.98 billion, with Mexico accounting for 91% of the total imports. However, in terms of volume sales, there was a significant drop among Latin American countries that had previously gained share in the market.

According to data from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Peru, Chile, Colombia and the Dominican Republic all saw a decrease in their exports to the US in 2023. While Mexico’s hegemony was reduced to represent only 84% of the market, these countries failed to maintain their pace and fell short of Mexican exporters.

In 2023, Peru sold 74,737 tons of avocados to the US, down by 39% from its previous year. Chile sold only 4,869 tons compared to its previous year’s export of 7,424 tons. Meanwhile, Colombia and Dominican Republic saw similar drops in their exports from 19,249 tons and 37,265 tons respectively.

Despite this decline in exports among these countries, New Zealand and Mongolia also sold small quantities of avocados to the US market in insignificant quantities. Jamaica’s exports were relatively stable at just over half a tonne each year.

Overall, this data highlights how quickly markets can shift and how even dominant players can see declines if they fail to adapt quickly enough or keep up with changing consumer demands or competition from other regions.

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