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From Frontex Chief to European Parliament MEP: Fabrice Leggeri’s Journey into Politics and Controversy

BySamantha Jones

Jun 12, 2024
Le Pen’s secret weapon in Brussels: Fabrizio Leggeri

Fabrice Leggeri, a former executive director of Frontex, has been elected to the European Parliament as an MEP for the Rassemblement National party. Leggeri plans to advocate for stricter asylum rules and is preparing for a potential presidency under Marine Le Pen. Although he had conflicts with Ylva Johansson, the Swedish Commissioner for Refugees in the past, Leggeri’s focus is on improving the European Union rather than seeking revenge on his former adversaries.

Leggeri’s journey into politics began after he resigned from Frontex in 2022 and was approached by RN MPs who were impressed by his expertise in migration policy. A chance meeting with Marc Baudriller, a journalist with connections to Rassemblement National, led to a lunch meeting with Marine Le Pen and ultimately his entry into the party. As an MEP for RN, Leggeri advocates for a more conservative approach to EU governance and migration policies.

Born in Alsace to Italian immigrant parents, Leggeri had a successful career in the French Ministry of the Interior before heading Frontex. Despite facing controversies and investigations during his tenure at Frontex, Leggeri remains committed to improving Europe’s border protection and asylum processes. He envisions a system where asylum procedures are conducted in European consulates in migrants’ countries of origin to prevent illegal immigration.

Leggeri’s views align with a more conservative stance on migration and EU governance, emphasizing the importance of national sovereignty and security. He criticizes the EU for what he perceives as a lack of support and respect for member states’ borders and policies. Despite facing personal and professional challenges, Leggeri remains determined to make a difference in the European Parliament and contribute to shaping a Europe that prioritizes security and national interests.

By Samantha Jones

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