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Finland’s Ancient Bedrock Holds Billion-Year-Old Memories, Older Than the Earth Itself

BySamantha Jones

Jun 11, 2024
Greenland was the birthplace of Finland

Finland’s bedrock holds memories dating back over 3.5 billion years, making it the oldest in Europe and older than the Earth itself by about a billion years. The oldest known bedrock in Finland was formed at least 3.75 billion years ago, according to an international team of researchers in the journal Geology. These memories were identified in zircon mineral crystals found in rivers like Tornionjoki, Iijoki, and Oulujoki, which had eroded from Finland’s oldest bedrock.

During this ancient period, the earth’s underground chambers were barren and only simple bacteria lived in the water. Creatures resembling crustaceans or fish would not develop in the seas until more than 3.2 billion years later. Continents hold long memories due to their lightness of composition; continental slabs form when older rock material partially melts and the lightest minerals crystallize first. These continental plates “float” on the surface of heavier stone material below, gradually growing, tearing, and colliding over time. On the other hand, oceanic slabs form when heavy rock material beneath it melts and recrystallizes, sinking back to the earth’s surface over time.

The history of marine life is mainly understood through rocks brought from the sea to the continents due to plate collisions. The memories of oceanic rock bottoms only date back about 200 million years while continental memories span billions of years

By Samantha Jones

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