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Females &amp Enterprise Profile: Elizabeth MacDougall


Mar 18, 2023

Vice President, Monetary Advisor
MacDougall Monetary Consulting 

Elizabeth MacDougall says she produced the finest choice of her profession when she quit a job in private equity to join her father at MacDougall Monetary Counseling.

“Before quitting, rather a couple of guys and females warned me of the dangers of leaving and never ever ever acquiring a job in the company when extra,” MacDougall remembers. “It was a definitely transactional organization, and the rapidly turnover of private equity was a poor match for me,”

MacDougall Monetary Counseling supplies financial, estate, tax and trustee options to households across the nation. MacDougall is the company’s vice president and performs as a financial advisor. Her father is the company’s president.

MacDougall plays a crucial aspect in creating and managing the company’s relationships with shoppers. “Finances are generally stressful, and our connection with revenue is seldom discussed,” she says. “By encouraging reflection and giving help, I help guys and females reconcile with their underlying feelings linked with revenue to create superior extended-term investment outcomes. I am an empathetic listener, which assists create trust, a vital aspect of any ongoing connection.”

MacDougall is also passionate about providing financial education to young guys and females. In addition to giving her private lectures, she performs with organizations that fill in the facts gaps left behind by the public college plan.

She also has been involved with the Children’s Institute for rather a couple of years and supports women’s education and economic advancement by way of a family members members foundation. The connection to the nonprofit organization goes back far extra than a century: In 1902, her ancestor, Mary Irwin Laughlin, founded the Children’s Institute.

The finest ideas she’s ever received is to cease hunting for the “perfect” job. “A job is a aspect of what you do, but you can also do elements outdoors of function that fulfill your dreams or ambitions. Find passions outdoors of function that incorporate other interests and uncover a job that enables the flexibility for these passions,” MacDougall says.

What’s MacDougall’s ideas to other ladies in organization? “Try to connect with at least two new guys and females a year: a single distinct particular person you can teach some issue to and a single distinct particular person you can study some issue from,” she says. “Listen to other folks and listen to feedback. Criticism is hard to hear but spending the time to incorporate it into your life, each and every personally and professionally, will significantly impact your life.

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