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Fantasy Football or Health: Justin Jefferson’s Priorities


Nov 21, 2023

On November 21, 2023, Justin Jefferson made it clear that he will return to the Minnesota Vikings when he is fully healthy, despite pleas from fantasy football managers for him to play. The star wide receiver emphasized that his health is more important than the outcome of fantasy games and that he will not be swayed by messages from fans asking him to return. Jefferson has been on the injured reserve list since suffering a right hamstring injury in Week 5, and both he and Vikings coach, Kevin O’Connell, have stated that he will not return until he is completely recovered.

Kevin O’Connell noted that the team was ramping up Jefferson’s recovery and suggested that Jefferson might not play in the upcoming Monday night game against the Chicago Bears, in order to take advantage of the bye week that follows. Since Jefferson’s 21-day practice window opened on November 8, joining the team could give him a total of eight weeks off if he does not return until the December 10 game against the Las Vegas Raiders. O’Connell stressed the importance of being smart and prioritizing Jefferson’s long-term career, stating that the player means a great deal to the organization beyond just a few games.

ESPN’s Kevin Seifert contributed to the report.

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