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Exploring San Luis Obispo’s Business Landscape: The 2024 EXPO Showcases Central Coast Entrepreneurs”.

BySamantha Jones

May 16, 2024
San Luis Obispo Hosts Central Coast’s Biggest Business Expo with Successful Conclusion

The San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce hosted the 2024 EXPO at the Alex Madonna Expo Center in San Luis Obispo, which was considered one of the largest business trade shows on the Central Coast. With over 100 local exhibitors and 2,000 attendees, the event provided members with an opportunity to showcase their businesses and discover services that could benefit their own ventures.

One attendee, Abraham Miller, expressed his appreciation for the event’s impact on the community. He emphasized that events like this helped provide a comprehensive overview of what San Luis Obispo had to offer both businesses and residents. In addition to networking opportunities, the event also showcased the theme of this year’s Olympics. Attendees could learn more about the event and view photos from previous iterations on the San Luis Obispo Chamber of Commerce website.

The EXPO at the Expo provided a platform for businesses to connect, collaborate, and discover new opportunities within the community. By attending this event, members were able to gain exposure among potential customers and partners while also learning about other local businesses in their area. Overall, it was a successful event that left attendees feeling inspired and motivated to continue growing their businesses within San Luis Obispo’s thriving community.

By Samantha Jones

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