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Expert Analysis: Economic Growth Forecasts in US, Eurozone and UK in 2024, Explored Through Financial Times’ Free Schools Access Program


Feb 11, 2024
The US economy continues to outpace Europe: What’s behind the growth?

Register for the Financial Times free schools access program and receive a weekly newsletter curated by Roula Khalaf, Editor of the FT. This article is part of the program and includes discussion questions about economic growth forecasts in the US, Eurozone, and UK for 2024. Other topics include reasons for economic divergence between the US and Europe, as well as the differing impacts of the invasion of Ukraine on both regions. Additionally, questions are posed about structural advantages in industry and technology, finance accessibility in the US and its impact on growth, demographic trends and labor market dynamics, and fiscal challenges faced by the US that could threaten its economic growth.

To further explore these topics, it is recommended to visit the World Bank’s website to compare historical rates of GDP per capita for the Euro Area and United States. This includes analyzing current GDP per capita for both regions as well as growth rates from 2008 to present. Additionally, it is suggested to explore the country with the lowest GDP per capita in the Euro area in 2022 and compare it to the United States’ GDP per capita in the same year. For classroom-ready presentations and suggested answers for teachers, visit FEE FT Classroom Edition.

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