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Evangelical Christian Movement for Venezuela’s Political Influence: Shaping Political Discourse During Elections

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
The connection between Maduro and evangelicals in Venezuela within the Christian movement

The Evangelical Christian Movement for Venezuela (Mocev) is a religious organization that claims to unite men and women who believe in God. Founded in 2017, Mocev has become an important part of Chavismo within the Venezuelan evangelical community, particularly during election periods. With around 5 thousand associated pastors and a presence in all 24 states of the country, the movement plays a significant role in shaping political discourse within the community.

During the 2018 Venezuelan presidential elections, Mocev openly supported the re-election of dictator Nicolás Maduro, endorsing the continuation of the regime started by late dictator Hugo Chávez. Pastor Moisés García, who is also a deputy in the National Assembly for the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), leads the movement.

The relationship between Mocev and the Maduro regime goes beyond symbolism, with the movement actively participating in religious acts, government events, and actions by PSUV. During election periods, Mocev offers local evangelical leaders to hold rallies that target support from evangelicals, particularly poorer members of society. However, not all Venezuelan evangelicals align with Mocev’s position on politics and religion. The Venezuelan Evangelical Council established in 1972 emphasizes separating Church and State and encourages its members to remain neutral on political matters. Additionally, religious persecution and violence against Christians in Venezuela have been reported by organizations monitoring religious freedom.

As Venezuela approaches its upcoming presidential elections scheduled for July 28th, dictator Maduro has intensified his campaigning alongside evangelicals and Mocev. This election cycle has seen increased persecution against opposition leaders and their supporters as Maduro seeks divine intervention from evangelical pastors to lift international sanctions imposed on Venezuela.

Furthermore, new benefits have been announced for the evangelical community during this election cycle to further solidify their alliance with Maduro’s government.

Despite these developments, it remains uncertain how Mocev will navigate its relationship with both Chavismo and other progressive factions within the Venezuelan evangelical community as they work towards achieving their respective goals for Venezuela’s future.

By Samantha Jones

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