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Elon Musk Sees ‘Serious Risk’ to US Economy From Regional Bank Crisis


Mar 20, 2023

Elon Musk. Adrees Latif/Reuters

  • Elon Musk sees danger ahead for the US economy if the Fed does not include the regional banking crisis. 
  • Monetary weblog Zero Hedge mentioned on Twitter that unchecked discomfort amongst smaller sized banks could lead to a wonderful depression.
  • “This is a severe danger,” Musk tweeted in response. 

Elon Musk desires the Federal Reserve get a grip on the US regional banking crisis, or else the world’s biggest economy could undergo its worst shock in decades. 

Monetary weblog Zero Hedge on Saturday wrote on Twitter about the vital part played by modest- to medium-sized banks in the US monetary method – a hot subject soon after this month’s abrupt collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, a lender to tech startups and the initial to be taken more than by regulators given that the monetary crisis in 2008. 

Little- and mid-sized banks account for 50% of industrial and industrial lending and 60% of residential genuine estate lending, amongst other loans, Zero Hedge noted with accompanying charts. 

“If the Fed does not include the regional bank collapse, there will be a different wonderful depression,” it wrote, referring to the financial crisis that ran from 1929 by means of 1939. 

“This is a severe danger,” Musk responded to Zero Hedge. 


In 1933, at the height of the Terrific Depression, roughly 25% of the 12.eight million folks that produced up the US labor force have been out of function, according to the Labor Division. 

This wasn’t the initial time Musk has chimed in on his personal social media platform about SVB’s collapse. Final week, he compared the bank’s failure to the 1920s Wall Street crash, which preceded the Terrific Depression. 

“Lot of present year similarities to 1929,” the Tesla CEO mentioned in response to a thread by Ark Invest CIO Cathie Wood.

Silicon Valley Bank failed this month soon after prospects rushed to pull deposits in the wake of the bank’s$1.eight billion loss on a sale of a bond portfolio. The portfolio’s worth was severely hit by increasing interest prices enacted by the Federal Reserve as it tries to pull inflation to its two% target. 

1st Republic Bank has emerged as a higher-profile hot spot in the unfolding regional banking crisis. The stock crashed once again on Monday following a different S&ampP International downgrade of its credit rating additional into junk status.

The Wall Street Journal also reported that JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon was top talks amongst huge banks to deliver even much more help to stabilize 1st Republic. Final week, a $30 billion rescue program was made for the San Francisco-primarily based lender by rival banks.

Fitch Ratings final week mentioned a danger for 1st Republic was its “concentrated” concentrate on wealthy prospects in urban coastal markets. Fitch had also downgraded 1st Republic’s credit rating to so-named junk status.

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