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Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Senior Design Project Presentations: A Successful Showcase of Innovation and Feedback

BySamantha Jones

Mar 29, 2024
Alumni Review Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Senior Design Projects

On February 24, the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science held senior design project presentations. The event was well-attended by department alumni and industry professionals, who offered valuable feedback to the students showcasing their projects.

Duncan Marshall, one of the students who presented, found the experience to be very beneficial in terms of pitching ideas. Although he initially felt nervous, he ultimately felt confident in the progress his group had made throughout the project. Marshall also noted that they received unexpected but important questions specific to their project, which helped them prepare for future presentations.

Daniel Schwartz, an alumnus and lead electrical engineer at Honeywell Federal Manufacturing and Technologies, praised the teams for their ability to effectively summarize their design work from the past semester and a half. He highlighted the event as a valuable opportunity for evaluating students for potential employment and identifying parallels between their projects and industry work.

Presenting at the event taught Marshall important lessons about patience, clear communication, and addressing concerns promptly. Despite some questions regarding safety that they planned to address later, the feedback from experienced professionals emphasized the importance of starting early on such critical aspects of the project.

Arielle Williams, a controls engineering manager for Marshalltown and a graduate of the department, enjoyed attending the presentations. She applauded the presenters for their excellent job and reflected on her own nervousness during presentations as a student. Williams also appreciated the opportunity to support current students and see her former interns presenting their projects.

The next opportunity for students to showcase their projects will be at the annual Engineering Expo on April 25 in Bud Walton Arena. This event provides another platform for students to share their work with a broader audience and further refine their presentation skills.

In conclusion, senior design project presentations were a great success in terms of giving students an opportunity to showcase their projects while receiving valuable feedback from peers, faculty members, alumni, and industry professionals. The experience taught them important lessons about patience

By Samantha Jones

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