• Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

Democrat Elly Schlein Reveals Her Vision for European Elections and Pledges Commitment to Fair and Transparent Elections


Feb 13, 2024
Schlein gathers Democratic Party leadership to discuss European candidacies

Elly Schlein, the secretary of the Democratic Party, has shared her plans for the upcoming European elections in June. These plans include her personal candidacy and a focus on creating fair and decisive election processes. The Democratic leadership group supports Schlein running in all constituencies as the head of the list, with a focus on selecting key representatives for different constituencies.

The composition of the lists is already underway, with plans to re-nominate Schlein in the Central Constituency and consider other important figures for different constituencies. The party is also looking at various candidates for different positions, including Brando Benifei, Elisabetta Gualmini, Pietro Bartolo, Matteo Ricci, Dario Nardella, Cecilia Strada, and Stefano Bonaccini.

In addition to finalizing the compositions of the lists under Schlein’s leadership, the Democratic Party is also focused on creating “open lists” that represent society as a whole and are not used as a means of revenge or internal counting. The PSE congress in March will be seen as a significant event marking Schlein’s entry into politics. With ongoing competition from Giorgia Meloni and other political forces, it is crucial that Schlein remain committed to her candidacy and ensure that her party is well-prepared for this important moment.

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