• Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

Cyberattack on French Payment Platforms Leaves Opticians and Patients in Limbo


Feb 11, 2024
The Impact of a Large-Scale Social Security Data Breach on Opticians and Patients’ Lives

The cyberattack on Viamedis and Almerys, the two largest third-party payment management platforms in France, has left opticians facing significant challenges for almost a week. This attack has disrupted their services, making it difficult for the 33 million policyholders who rely on these platforms for their complementary insurance.

The impact of this cyberattack is particularly concerning for those in need of glasses, as health insurance coverage for this is poor and mutual insurance companies often settle large invoices. Stéphane Corfias, president of the Rassemblement des opticiens de France, noted that the third-party payment service is currently unavailable, leaving opticians unable to accommodate patients who rely on this payment method.

As a result, opticians are advising patients without the means to advance the amount for their glasses to come back later. It is currently unclear when the third-party payment service will be operational again, leaving policyholders and opticians in a state of uncertainty. The impact of this cyberattack on the healthcare system is significant and has created widespread disruption in the provision of essential services.

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