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Croatia’s Highly Anticipated Match Sells Out: HNS Prepares Exciting Fan Zone and Concert


Nov 20, 2023

As the last tickets for the highly anticipated match between Croatia and Armenia, set for Tuesday at 20:45 at the Maksimir stadium in Zagreb, have been sold out, it is clear that this will be a thrilling and exciting game. With an estimated attendance of between 15,000 and 18,000 people, depending on the number of children in the section reserved for free sale, this match will undoubtedly be a packed house.

In preparation for this big event, HNS has organized a fan zone near the stadium that will open on Tuesday at 5:00 p.m. Visitors can expect an exciting program that includes a concert by popular musicians Mata Bulić and Tiho Orlić. Additionally, public viewing of the match will be available on a large screen next to the stadium.

Despite some rain forecasted for Tuesday afternoon, Croatian fans have proven time and again that weather conditions are no obstacle to them enjoying their favorite sporting events. Let’s not forget about their dramatic victory over Russia in the qualifiers for the World Cup that took place under less than ideal weather conditions!

Fans can purchase fan merchandise such as jerseys and licensed HNS products at the stadium during this game. Furthermore, HNS has come up with a great program for younger fans including e-football and table football activities to make sure they have fun too!

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