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Croatian IT Company Span Acquires Major Stake in Bonsai and Consolidates Offerings with Ekobit

BySamantha Jones

Apr 3, 2024
Span took full ownership of Bonsai through a 100% stake acquisition

Croatian IT company Span has recently completed a deal to acquire 30 percent of the business share in company Bonsai. The transaction, valued at 750 thousand euros, granted Span 100 percent ownership of Bonsai and marked the start of plans to merge the two companies. In addition, Span intends to merge its related company Ekobit into the newly formed entity.

The integration of Bonsai and Ekobit into Span will streamline the company’s software and AI solutions offerings. By presenting a unified brand on the market, Span aims to provide a cohesive and unique solution set for its customers. Along with cloud and cybersecurity, artificial intelligence is identified as a key strategic focus for Span moving forward.

The target date for the merger to take effect is June 30th, 2024. After this point, Bonsai and Ekobit will operate under the unified Span brand. As businesses increasingly explore how AI-based solutions can enhance operations and processes, the availability of generative artificial intelligence is speeding up this process. AI solutions are becoming more prevalent in organizations across industries, providing valuable insights that help businesses make informed decisions quickly.

According to Nikola Dujmovi, CEO of Span, artificial intelligence is no longer just a topic of discussion but is actively being integrated into businesses worldwide. The merger will strengthen Span’s AI offerings in key business segments and is expected to drive significant profits in the future as more organizations look to adopt these technologies.

By Samantha Jones

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