• Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

Community near Former ‘Velepromet’ Camp Demands Justice for Perpetrators


Nov 20, 2023

On Monday, the annual commemoration of the “Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Vukovar 1991” took place at the former concentration camp in Velepromet, where 724 detainees were brutally murdered. The event began with a wreath-laying ceremony at the memorial plaque in the courtyard of Velepromet, attended by many participants including Croatian Deputy Prime Minister Tomo Medved and Minister of Defense Ivan Anušić, who lit candles to pay tribute to the victims.

Medved expressed gratitude to all those who participated in the solemn ceremony and emphasized the importance of never forgetting these events and passing on their memory to future generations. He also highlighted the government’s commitment to holding those responsible for war crimes accountable.

Anušić echoed Medved’s sentiments and reiterated his commitment to punishing those responsible for their heinous actions.

The president of HDLSKL Vukovar-Srijem County Dragutin Guzovski and Mayor Ivana Penava also reflected on the history of Velepromet, emphasizing the need for justice to be served against those responsible for its horrors. They lamented that despite everything, it is still impossible to find peace in Croatia when justice is not served.

Velepromet was a site where Croatian defenders and civilians were imprisoned, tortured, and killed en masse during Croatia’s devastating war in 1991. According to HDLSKL, approximately 10,000 Croatian veterans and civilians passed through Velepromet before being murdered or died due to mistreatment. The camp was closed in March 1992 after its atrocities came into light.

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