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Columbia Business Report: Empowering Entrepreneurs through Growth Sessions


Nov 20, 2023

The Office of Business Opportunities in the City of Columbia is currently seeking applicants for two upcoming courses that will provide valuable resources for business owners. The 2024 NxLevel Microentrepreneur and the 2024 FastTrac Growth Venture programs are designed to help entrepreneurs achieve self-sufficiency and reach their full potential, respectively.

The NxLevel Microentrepreneur program aims to help business owners become self-sufficient through self-employment. This program will be held at two locations: the Busby Street Community Center and the Earlewood Park Community Center, on specific dates from January 25th through March 28th. In-person classes will be offered at these locations to provide participants with a hands-on learning experience.

On the other hand, the FastTrac Growth Venture program is a partnership between Midlands Technical College and the Office of Business Opportunities. This program focuses on helping businesses reach their true potential through proven frameworks and processes that facilitate sustainable growth and efficient operations. In-person classes will be held from January 23rd through March 26th, 2024, at the Midlands Technical College Northeast Campus.

Interested individuals can apply for these courses by visiting the Office of Business Opportunities website for more information. These courses offer an excellent opportunity for business owners to learn new skills, network with other entrepreneurs, and gain valuable insights into running a successful business.

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