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Close get in touch with at Logan not due to a lack of technologies, specialists say


Mar 16, 2023

The Federal Aviation Administration held a safety summit in Washington Wednesday following a series of safety-connected incidents at airports across the nation.

At the summit, the present dramatic raise in air travel and the have to have for enhanced technologies have been cited as motives for the growing quantity of close calls. But Logan Airport — specifically exactly where a single of these present incidents occurred — is a single of 43 airports across the nation that have been outfitted by the FAA with the most current technologies to deter potential collisions.

On Feb. 27, a LearJet began taking off on a runway at Logan Airport that crossed the landing path of an arriving JetBlue flight. The JetBlue plane abruptly aborted its landing to steer clear of collision. The conditions that led to this close hall are nonetheless under investigation by the FAA and the National Transportation Safety Board.

David Ishihara, director of aviation options at Logan, attended the FAA safety summit. On Thursday, he explained to Massport’s board that Logan was an early adopter of two safety systems to help quit collisions. 1 specific is a ground-mainly primarily based radar that tends to make it probable for pilots to see each and every autos and other airplanes on the ground. It also will alert the pilot and deal with tower if an airplane on final technique is not headed for the runway on which it is cleared to land. The other safety strategy is a network of runway status lights installed along taxiways and runways all by way of the airport. They flash red and warn pilots of potential conflicts amongst planes taking off and landing. Ishihara talked about that light strategy will be expanded this summer time season.

Massport Director of Aviation Ed Freni reminded the board that all the radar systems that Ishihara referenced are maintained and installed by the FAA and not inside Massport’s deal with.

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