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China’s Baidu launches its “ERNIE Bot” AI early in response to GPT


Mar 17, 2023

OpenAI’s ChatGPT has made the public conscious of the insane power, achievable and threat of considerable language models. The ripples from ChatGPT’s launch late final year are acquiring felt in each and every and every single market place – you can not responsibly system for the future of virtually any business enterprise enterprise without the need of the will need of factoring in how these ludicrously capable and seemingly intelligent bots are going to disrupt virtually each and every and every single technique.

When OpenAI released the even further astonishing GPT-4 a couple of days ago, it did so with a measure of trepidation. As outlined in the GPT-4 paper, the language model itself was constructed and pre-educated some eight months ago, and the organization spent that eight months operating feverishly to make it safe and sanitized for public consumption.

Recognizing that lots of competitors are operating on comparable AI models, OpenAI recognized that launching this concern would kick off a furious technologies race – and that when a “racing dynamic” develops, other organizations would be forced by their shareholders and purchasers to accelerate their private AI applications. Safety measures, the organization reasoned, would be amongst the initially problems on the chopping block. As a outcome, the organization deemed sitting on GPT-4 for six months to give the competitors time to proceed with caution – but decided against it.

Baidu co-founder, chairman and CEO Robin Li greets media at the ERNIE Bot launch

Baidu co-founder, chairman and CEO Robin Li greets media at the ERNIE Bot launch


Yesterday, Baidu proved these problems nicely-founded, with what appears to be a hasty launch of its “ERNIE Bot” AI in an attempt to placate its shareholders and partners. Baidu Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO Yanhong “Robin” Li was upfront about this in his introductory comments.

“Pretty a couple of males and girls have been asking me why we’re releasing this item at this time,” pointed out Li by implies of a translator. “Are we in fact ready? In reality, additional than the preceding decade, Baidu has invested in the R&ampD for ERNIE Bot. Undoubtedly, the initial version was launched in 2019, and each and every and every single year a new version has been launched… Other people – which incorporates Google, Facebook, and so on – have no item at the quite similar level. Baidu is the initially to launch such a item.”

“Our expectations for ERNIE Bot are close to GPT – or even GPT-4,” he continued. “In the course of our initial internal testing, we skilled the capabilities of ERNIE Bot. We truly really feel it truly is not fantastic but. So why are we launching it at the moment? Due to the truth there is huge demands in the marketplace. For several item lines which incorporates search, AI cloud, autonomous driving… Everyone’s waiting for this technologies. A lot additional importantly, our purchasers and our partners are waiting for such a technologies and a item. They are urging us to launch such a item. Of course, for considerable models, when options are launched, they will have genuine feedback from shoppers, and with users’ feedback, they will iterate and strengthen their capabilities fairly speedily. We hope ERNIE Bot will create speedily and give worth for our purchasers and shoppers as promptly as doable so definitely absolutely everyone can benefit from it.”

Li admitted that Baidu has launched the AI ahead of schedule in response to vocal demand from shareholders and partners

Li admitted that Baidu has launched the AI ahead of schedule in response to vocal demand from shareholders and partners


He proceeded to give five short, apparently pre-recorded demonstrations of the AI’s capabilities. In the initially, he asked it to summarize the plot of the three Physique science fiction series by Cixin Liu (a banger of a study, if you have not dipped a toe into Chinese sci-fi). He asked the AI how it may well possibly continue the books from a philosophical viewpoint, and what have been the commonalities involving the lead actors in the films.

Without having possessing speaking Chinese, it truly is difficult to gauge how the model performed, but Li claimed that these tasks would generally lead to a larger probability of errors in a language model like this, and pointed out ERNIE Bot was in a position to breeze by implies of them. It appears the AI has access to search outcomes and data beyond its initial education data: “ERNIE Bot adopts a search augmentation and data enhancement,” pointed out Li. We have 550 billion data data points, so that we can assure that the answers from Ernie Bot will be fundamentally suitable.”

A second procedure was further business enterprise enterprise-oriented and inventive, asking for advised business enterprise enterprise names and connected slogans for a larger-tech service organization, as nicely as an initial 600-word organization newsletter. The third challenged it on “mathematical logical reasoning” and its capacity to point out flaws in the input prompts.

A poem about the Luoyang paper idiom, in which each sentence contains all the characters of the idiom

A poem about the Luoyang paper idiom, in which every single sentence consists of all the characters of the idiom


The fourth showed off ERNIE Bot’s understanding of Chinese language and context, as nicely as its capacity to operate inside inventive constraints. A nicely-recognized Chinese idiom translating roughly to “the paper from Luoyang is pricey” was location in, and the AI adequately recognized it as an allegory for offer and demand economics. It was then in a position to generate a Chinese poem, in which each and every and every single character of the idiom was embedded in every single sentence of the poem.

To see if this separates ERNIE Bot from English-mainly primarily based competitors like ChatGPT, I ran a comparable prompt into GPT-4, and found that it had no difficulty carrying out the quite similar – assuming its Chinese does not come out sounding stilted to native speakers.

ChatGPT appears to be able to match ERNIE Bot on its understanding of Chinese idioms and ability to wrote poetry within creative limitations

ChatGPT appears to be in a position to match ERNIE Bot on its understanding of Chinese idioms and capacity to wrote poetry inside inventive limitations

OpenAI ChatGPT

The final demo showed off its multi-modal creativity – and suitable right here, ERNIE Bot showed off some expertise that GPT hasn’t turned on but, simply because it truly is only just beginning to open up access to image-mainly primarily based inputs, and is at the moment only outputting text.

It was asked to produce a poster image for the 2023 Planet Intelligent Transport conference, which it appeared to do with impressive speed. Then it was asked which cities would be most suitable for the improvement of pointed out intelligent transport. Then it was told to study out its answer in the Sichuan dialect, which it did. Then, Li essentially told it to “make a video out of it.” It completed this procedure with staggering speed, taking about ten seconds to be ready for playback. You can see this demo in the video below – skip to about 1:20 if you just want to see the video.

Baidu ERNIE Bot AI generating videos in seconds

Personally, I found this demo absolutely jaw-dropping to commence with – it spat out a minute’s worth of terrific-hunting video in about the time DALL-E two demands to respond to a single image request. Looking a tiny closer, even although, it seems it truly is nowhere close to as sophisticated the AI is essentially linking collectively sections of stock footage that seem relevant to the narration content material material, rather than generating vision in its private appropriate.

And such a service is at the moment nicely-recognized to Chinese shoppers, simply because it truly is at the moment utilized extensively on Baidu news options like Haokan, and has been for fairly a couple of years now. “I assume if you occur to be a creator on [one of Baidu’s video services], this will at the moment be familiar to you,” pointed out Li. “Every single and every single day, tens of thousands of articles are converted to video automatically and distributed on Baidu’s platform. But we’ve now connected all these technologies points to that.”

Chinese media in attendance have been presented invitations to commence testing the service. “From Ernie Bot’s functionality, you can inform that it can to some extent understand and express all-all-natural language just like humans,” pointed out Li. “It can also do some reasoning. All of these capabilities are acquiring enhanced regularly. In some instances, we could truly really feel in fact shocked, but of course other situations we identify some errors. But a single concern can be particular: it truly is progressing fairly quickly, and there will be further fairly quickly progress in the close to future. We’re going to fine-tune the model to make it adaptive to all Baidu options, so Ernie Bot can show its helpful capabilities and user-friendliness in the user interfaces and experiences, and draw all Baidu item closer to our shoppers and shoppers.”

Image generation capabilities are already integrated with the language model

Image generation capabilities are at the moment integrated with the language model


Li went on to reveal that Baidu is hunting to generate further layers on key of the generalized ERNIE Bot AI model, operating with education sources specially chosen for relatively substantially each and every and every single market place, giving the examples of energy, transport and media.

“There are estimates that by 2030, some workers will have their productivity quadrupled operating with artificial intelligence,” pointed out Li. “There would be an irreversible alter to the nature of their operate primarily simply because of AI… We want to use market place-unique considerable models, primarily simply because we assume there may well possibly be a middle layer for every single industry’s fairly unique and exclusive data or data. If this is integrated with the grounded considerable model, huge creativity and productivity would be generated. Possibly that sort of capability can not be owned by Baidu. Possibly these data would be presented to Baidu. But Baidu delivers the capability to fine-tune such data or data to steer clear of errors and make the models further adaptive to every single and each and every and every single market place.”

This somewhat rushed launch did not appear to impress Baidu’s investors, and as CNBC reports, the company’s shares plunged by as substantially as ten% in the course of the presentation, ending the day some six.4% down in Hong Kong for the company’s lowest close simply because January 19.

Li was keen to inform the rest of the globe that ERNIE Bot comes in peace: “What I want to say is the Ernie Bot is not utilized for the Sino-US conflict of technologies,” he pointed out. “It represents the dream that we pursue as technologies developers. It is a platform we want to use to empower all industries, shoppers and shoppers. It is a testament to improvement driven by innovation.”

He did not specially address the issue of Baidu’s safety strategy or the sanitization of the AI’s output – possibly this is unsurprising, presented that China’s “Great Firewall” policies at the moment heavily censor nine fairly broad categories of details across the country’s comprehensive domestic net – as nicely as completely banning a lengthy list of foreign net web sites that may well possibly host “spiritual pollution.” This is all carried out in partnership with net organizations like Baidu, and ERNIE Bot can certainly be anticipated to toe the line.

But these AIs have extraordinary capabilities, and can be misused in a myriad of inventive and unexpected approaches ChatGPT shoppers have had a lot of entertaining acquiring and exploiting its weaknesses simply because it launched, and OpenAI has teams operating difficult to plug these holes. Baidu can anticipate lots of the quite similar.

You can see the comprehensive launch below, with spoken English translation.

Baidu ERNIE Bot Press Conference

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