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Centrist Parties’ Triumph in European Elections: What It Means for EU Policy and Politics

BySamantha Jones

Jun 11, 2024
Ukraine, the climate, and workers benefit from the outcome of the European elections

The European elections were marked by a significant victory of centrist parties, with the far right seeing some gains in countries like France and Austria. While there were concerns about a dysfunctional parliament with no clear majority, the overall trust of Europeans was placed in the center-right and center-left parties.

The European People’s Party (EPP) maintained its position as the largest party in the European Parliament, while the center-left S&D remained the second-largest party. The liberal Renew group, though losing some seats in certain countries, remained the third largest group in the parliament. The possibility of a right-wing conservative coalition dissipated after the election results.

Leaders of the EPP and S&D expressed their intention to continue a ruling coalition based on the traditional center-left and center-right alliance. The exclusion of the Green group from coalition negotiations was noted, as they had supported previous season’s work program. Ursula von der Leyen’s role in leading EU policies was dependent on support from member states’ leaders.

One positive outcome following these election results is continued EU support for Ukraine and climate policy. As traditional coalition formation took place, legislation related to working life and economic policies would likely be involved in approving EU budgets and supporting initiatives like climate neutrality by 2050.

In conclusion, these elections highlighted centrist parties’ strength and traditional alliances, setting up future policy discussions at EU level. Key debates are expected on budget proposals, enlargement reforms, and other issues that will ensure sustainability and competitiveness for Europe in years to come

By Samantha Jones

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