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May 25, 2023

WATERFORD — Don’t get it twisted. Twisted Floors has been a well-established business serving Southeastern Wisconsin for the past six years, but it wasn’t until January 2023 that this family-owned business added a new showroom to serve customers better.

Twisted FloorsLocated at 811 Fox Lane, #C, in Waterford, Twisted Floors is ready to fulfill your flooring needs. – Credit: Kitty Anne Creative

The showroom is at 811 Fox Lane, #C, in Waterford, in addition to a 3,000-square-foot warehouse utilized by the business.

Family at the core

Trevin and Cali Simes own the establishment that provides concrete floor coatings and floor installation for residential, commercial and industrial applications. 

The business’s foundation is rooted in family. Not only does the Simes family live in the area, but they enjoy providing quality work for other families too.

Twisted FloorsThe Twisted Floors family is ready to provide you with the best flooring solutions for your home or business. – Credit: Kitty Anne Creative

Both Trevin and Cali run their business with the intent to treat their employees like family as well. Part of that is offering benefits, like insurance, to these extended family members. It’s not always easy to find a job in the trades that offers insurance and other benefits, but the Sines know the value of such things and work hard to provide for their employees.

The couple has five children, starting with the oldest at 10 years old down to a pair of twins that they just added to the Twisted Floor team about two months ago.

When first starting out, and to this day, the idea to work in an environment that valued family was ideal to Trevin, which lead him to become his own boss.

Trevin tackles becoming a business owner

Previously, he had experience working in a commercial setting with the carpenters union. He would tackle side jobs in the residential space, which gave him the skill set to handle both kinds of jobs.

Hence the name, Twisted Floors, is a combination of commercial and residential.

“He started the business in the name itself, based upon twisted floors, just because with residential and commercial flooring, you never know what kind of floor you’re gonna get,” explained Cali.

Twisted FloorsBefore and after photo of a flake concrete coating. This floor had major repairs and prep involved due to the extreme cracks and pitting in the concrete. Lots of work for prep but the end result is gorgeous. – Credit: Twisted Floors

Twisted FloorsA stained, dirty and distressed concrete garage floor has been transformed into something absolutely beautiful. – Credit: Twisted Floors

Now, he’s really covered his bases and expanded to doing all types of floors in all kinds of spaces. From hospitals like Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin to a mom-and-pop’s garage, they work to tackle it all.

Up until recently, Cali was the owner of Cali Parisi Artistry, a hair salon in Burlington. For the same reason, wanting to be with her husband and her children more, she took a leap of faith to join the team at Twisted Floors.

A knack for connecting with others led Cali to a role as co-owner and the manager of all things on the business end of Twisted Floors.

Now she can do that in a space they call their own.

Highlighting the showroom

Twisted FloorsThe showroom is bright, warm and welcoming so clients can come in, enjoy a cup of warm coffee or tea and look at flooring to put in their own homes. – Credit: Kitty Anne Creative

Twisted FloorsTwisted Floors stocks the best brands; the ones they would trust in their own homes. – Credit: Kitty Anne Creative

Twisted FloorsCome view the options that are available without being overwhelmed with too many options. Twisted has weeded out anything less than the best. – Credit: Kitty Anne Creative

Twisted FloorsThe goal for their showroom is SIMPLICITY. – Credit: Kitty Anne Creative

“We liked the idea of customers coming in, meeting us, sitting down, and having that communication aspect,” said Cali.

The company still prides itself in offering free estimates and going into homes to measure, but as a way to grow with its customers, they invite them into the showroom to explore its offering of floors.

This includes everything from carpet to vinyl and hardwood. Twisted Floors only carries one line of flooring and that is Shaw Floors along with a few types of floor coatings.

“People need to be able to see it,” she said. “We like to create that relationship where they feel like they can step in, sit down, drink a cup of coffee, and go through the flooring.”


Prior to having the showroom, they didn’t have that human interaction and connection as much as they’d like, partially due to COVID-19 as well.

As a small business, they believe this is one of the benefits of their company.

Twisted FloorsTrevin and Cali Simes with their five children. – Credit: Kitty Anne Creative

“You can always go into a big box store to buy your floor, but you don’t get that cozy interaction with a person, so we switched. We decided that is what was lacking, especially in the Waterford area, but in the area in general,” said Cali. “You can go into these huge carpet stores or flooring floors that have 5,000 different types. You are overwhelmed.”

The key for Twisted Floors is making sure that each customer feels confident in their purchase.

“We know what works and lasts long versus just giving people the cheapest price and throwing something on their floor,” she said.

Connect with Twisted Floors

More information about Twisted Floors can be found online on their website.

Connect with them on Facebook and Instagram for updates about what’s happening at this local business.

Twisted FloorsNothing is sweeter then a fresh concrete coating on a brand new garage. – Credit: Twisted Floors

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