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Bubba Gandy’s closing April eight following just about 5 years of enterprise


Mar 20, 2023

Bubba Gandy’s Seafood Cajun Marketplace will be closing its doors on April eight just prior to they attain the 5-year mark on their enterprise.

Owner Rhonda Pierce stated they have been up for lease renewal at the 3600 Frederica Street location and when the finish of their yearly contract came about, they believed not to renew their contract.

Some of the possibilities came with how COVID-19 shaped how they operated as a enterprise. At the commence, they wanted to be a retailer precisely exactly where guys and girls come and go with their goods.

“With COVID, it made into a lot extra of a restaurant and that is just not the path we are attempting to go. So precisely exactly where we’re at appropriate now, it just does not make sense to retain on going that way,” she stated.

Pierce stated that she would like for a person to come in and obtain the place due to the reality she does not want the place to drop the marketplace, but at the precise very same time, she’s delighted with departing from the enterprise.

Appropriate right after all the years, she stated that she will miss the enable from the neighborhood the most. They will nonetheless be open in the course of common hours till April eight, so she encourages completely everybody to come in and get what they can due to the reality they will not be provided for significantly longer.

“We essentially appreciate all their enable and we’re sorry that we have to go an further way, but this is sadly our time,” Pierce stated.

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