• Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

Breaking Down India’s Drive to Beat Australia in the World Cup: Insights from Uday Saharan and Sanjay Dhas


Feb 11, 2024
Raj Limbani Takes 3 Wickets as Australia Reaches 245/7 in U19 World Cup 2024 Final against India: Live Score and Cricket News

As the team prepares for the World Cup final, U19 captain Uday Saharan tells his teammates in a huddle at Willowmoore Park in Benoni, “We can’t lose to Australia again.” The conversation in their WhatsApp group had been focused on India’s ODI World Cup loss to Australia just five days earlier. Sanjay Dhas, father of Sachin, who starred in the semis with 96 against the best pace attack of the tournament, shared that most talk had been about how Australia has always dominated India in big tournaments. He emphasized that beating them was crucial for their pride and that they would have to do it at their own game. Sanjay recounted a moment when captain Uday Saharan told everyone, “We can’t lose to them again,” after the Pakistan vs Australia tie as the team was on their way to the hotel.

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