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Breaking Barriers: Florida Technical College and African American Chamber of Commerce Offer Full Scholarship to Deserving Black Entrepreneur”.


Feb 10, 2024
WFTV: Organizations join forces to enhance the black business community

In an effort to promote and support successful black businesses in Florida, the African American Chamber of Commerce and Florida Technical College have partnered to offer a full scholarship to a deserving black entrepreneur. This initiative represents the second time that the two organizations have come together to provide a scholarship for black entrepreneurs in Florida. Florida Technical College became a trustee of the African American Chamber of Commerce in 2020, solidifying their commitment to supporting black-owned businesses.

The recipient of this scholarship, Eddy Duran, will graduate with honors in 2024. He launched ArtCycle Kids, a program that utilizes cycling to teach children about teamwork. Tanisha Nunn-Gary, President of the African American Chamber of Commerce, emphasized the importance of organizations like Florida Technical College offering support to black-owned businesses. This support provides resources that might not otherwise be available and helps to address the disparities in black business ownership.

Nationally, black-owned businesses make up only 3% of total firms, despite blacks representing 12.4% of the adult population. This demonstrates a significant disparity between the black population and the number of black business owners. The full-tuition scholarship, valued at up to $61,178, is intended for someone who aspires to establish a new business in the community. The goal is to provide support and tools for individuals entering the business world, allowing them to succeed.

The deadline for the scholarship application is February 12, 2024, and the announcement of the recipient will take place on February 22 at the Florida Technical College Orlando Campus. This scholarship is an important part of the initiative to support black entrepreneurs and local businesses.

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