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Bormioli Pharma announces robust improvement in its North American enterprise enterprise in 2022


Mar 16, 2023

Bormioli Pharma, a worldwide leader partnering with purchasers to provide total packaging solutions for injectable drugs, at present announced robust improvement in its North American enterprise enterprise in 2022, with sales increasing additional than 40% year-additional than-year. The improvement in North America was matched by effective sales gains in the company’s markets worldwide, reflecting Bormioli’s multimillion dollar investments in expanding its capabilities as a provider of total packaging solutions for injectable drugs.

Image Credit: Bormioli Pharma

Established in 1825 as Bormioli Rocco, a manufacturer of glass containers, Bormioli Pharma has a lengthy history innovating in the packaging sector. Now, as a strategic companion of lots of major drug makers, the enterprise serves the pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical markets with total packaging solutions, like glass and plastic bottles, plastic and aluminum closures and accessories.

The U.S. glass bottle marketplace spot is dealing with continuing present issues for injectable glass packaging as a outcome of lingering effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting present chain disruptions. Bormioli is committed to supplying a total remedy with its ever-expanding capabilities in the area of larger-worth glass vials, rubber stoppers and aluminum seals. Especially, the enterprise has invested in strengthening its tubular glass vials capabilities by implies of sophisticated machinery, when upgrading its platform for molded glass, and expanding clean-region capabilities for the production of rubber stoppers. These developments have been supported by existing acquisitions that permit Bormioli to reliably and successfully develop rubber and aluminum closures, as effectively as tubular glass vials.

For virtually 200 years, we have been major the field of molded glass manufacturing and now we have expanded these capabilities to tubular glass vials designed for injectable drugs and vaccines.

Our proud history is matched by our present passion for innovation in the provision of revolutionary total packaging solutions for drug makers. As a single supplier of all the components of the injection drug kit, we can present a wide assortment of value-profitable, versatile solutions tailored to the customer’s desires, when also pursuing an ambitious agenda to significantly improve the sustainability of all our operations. Our multi-faceted commitments are driven by two vital components – the present chain issues from the continuing shortage of glass packaging for injectable drugs and the stark reminders of the inescapable dangers of ongoing climate adjust.”

Andrea Lodetti, Chief Executive Officer, Bormioli Pharma.

Bormioli Pharma’s goods help to make positive maximum drug stability by guarding drugs from deterioration, prolonging medication stability, and supplying precise dosing, thereby contributing to the wellness of men and women finding remedy.

In anticipation of its upcoming 200th anniversary, Bormioli Pharma launched “50-in-5,” an ambitious program to attain 50% of sustainable raw supplies in its pharmaceutical packaging production by 2025. “50-in-5” is a project impacting the total manufacturing footprint. To attain this ambitious objective, the enterprise has been strengthening and expanding its industrial platform, with investments of additional than 50 million euros to date that will be matched by comparable investments additional than the subsequent three years. Techniques involve increasing the percentage of recycled supplies all by means of the production course of action and adopting carbon capture and other green supplies for container closure components and seals.

To uncover additional about this initiative and Bormioli’s total packaging solutions, please see Bormioli executives at DCAT Week 2023 or speak to an on-net internet site committed U.S. sales representative at dcat@bormiolipharma.com.

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