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Bipartisan Aid Bill for Multiple Countries Passes Senate, but Faces Uncertainty in House of Representatives


Feb 13, 2024
Possible Vote in US Senate for Ukraine Aid

After clearing the final procedural hurdle in the Senate, a bill aimed at providing aid to various countries faced opposition from Republican opponents who stalled its passage with endless speeches. However, the bill’s passage in the Senate on Tuesday appeared certain as Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell secured the support of at least 17 Republican representatives, more than enough to pass the 60-vote threshold needed to approve the bill in the 100-senator chamber. While both houses of Congress must approve the bill before Democratic President Joe Biden can sign it, there are uncertainties in the House of Representatives.

Republican Speaker of the House Mike Johnson has objected to the bill’s lack of provisions to stem the record influx of migrants across the US-Mexico border. Johnson stated that if no border policy changes are passed, he will have to pass his own measures on these important matters. Senator John Thune noted that it was unclear what Johnson would do. Hard-line Republicans are predicting that the bill will fail completely when it comes before the House of Representatives.

For months, Republicans have demanded that foreign aid bills include measures for America’s borders. However, negotiations collapsed after former President Donald Trump called for it to be scrapped. Trump has criticized foreign aid bills and said that aid to allies should come in loan form instead. Meanwhile, Democrats and allies have urged President Biden to rush new aid to Ukraine and other partners while also supporting humanitarian aid for Palestinians in Gaza.

Despite warnings about a weapons shortage as Russia continues its attacks on Ukraine, aid to Ukraine faces trouble in Congress due largely to Trump’s interests and control over Republicans in Congress by a slim majority. Biden has been calling on Congress to move quickly on this issue and provide much-needed assistance to Ukraine and other allies while also addressing critical humanitarian needs elsewhere around the world.

In conclusion, despite passing through procedural hurdles with ease in

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