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Biodiversity Crisis: The Economic and Social Impact of Losing Our Natural Resources

BySamantha Jones

May 22, 2024
What businesses need to do to prioritize biodiversity

In the last 50 years, we have lost an astonishing 69% of species, with one million more facing the risk of extinction. This biodiversity loss poses a significant threat to the economy and business, much like climate change. Each year, we are only able to replace half of the forests that we cut down, and over a third of fish stocks are being over-fished. These losses have far-reaching consequences that go beyond just ecology – they also impact our economy and society.

Ecosystem services, which are the services provided by nature, are vital to our economy. They contribute to over half of the global GDP, amounting to $44 trillion every year. This includes everything from clean air and water to timber production and carbon sequestration. It is crucial to consider the direct contributions that nature provides and to understand the potential consequences if these services were no longer available.

One particularly concerning statistic is that there is a predicted scenario that by 2050, the amount of plastic in the ocean will outweigh the number of fish. This highlights just how much damage we have already done to our oceans and ecosystems, and how much more work needs to be done if we want to protect them for future generations.

It is important that we take action now to prevent further biodiversity loss and protect these vital ecosystem services. This means implementing policies that prioritize conservation efforts and sustainable resource management, as well as investing in research and innovation to better understand how we can work with nature rather than against it.

Only by recognizing the importance of biodiversity conservation can we hope to build a sustainable future for ourselves and for generations to come.

By Samantha Jones

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