• Wed. Dec 6th, 2023

Bill Gates Discovers Brussels Sewer System on World Toilet Day and Shares Video


Nov 21, 2023

Bill Gates, a renowned American billionaire and philanthropist, descended into the depths of Brussels’ intricate sewer system on World Toilet Day. The video he shared on Instagram captured his journey as he met with scientists to learn about the city’s water waste management. Gates has been committed to raising awareness about sanitation issues through his foundation, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and has participated in various public stunts such as drinking water from “fecal sludge” and taking a whiff of pit latrine odour.

On November 19th, World Toilet Day, Gates explored the hidden history of Brussels’ sewage system while highlighting the importance of sanitation and hygiene for global health. The day serves to accelerate change and shed light on the repercussions of inadequate availability of water in low- and middle-income countries. Since 2013, World Toilet Day has been an annual United Nations Observance that was first celebrated in 2001 by the World Toilet Organization. The day aims to raise awareness about the necessity for better sanitation and hygiene and the lives lost each year due to inadequate availability of these resources.

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