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Biden’s Mental Health: A Looming Issue in 2022 Election


Feb 11, 2024
His candidacy is at risk due to concerns about his mental health

The president’s mental health has been a major topic of discussion in recent weeks, following a report by special prosecutor Robert Hur that described Joe Biden as “a nice, well-intentioned old man with a bad memory.” This report touched on the sensitive and explosive issue of Biden’s cognitive abilities, which has been a concern for some voters.

At 81 years old, Biden is the oldest person to ever hold the office of president and is currently going through one of the most challenging moments of his presidency. Despite being exonerated by Hur in an investigation into the mishandling of classified documents when he left the vice presidency, the report also highlighted Biden’s memory issues.

Some opponents have even suggested invoking the 25th Amendment to the Constitution, which would revoke the president’s mandate if he was deemed mentally unfit. However, experts believe that this is unlikely to happen.

The issue of Biden’s physical and mental capabilities is seen as a major deficit that threatens his re-election prospects in November. Some analysts believe that this deficit could be enough to sway voters who are looking for stability and reason on this issue.

Despite this setback, Democrats have yet to react publicly. Some have suggested taking Biden out on more unrehearsed interactions with voters and the press to demonstrate his competence in leading the country. However, there is a risk involved with this approach as it could further damage Biden’s image and reputation among voters.

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