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Beyond Sweets: The Moral Battle Over Using Derogatory Terms in Ice Cream


Feb 11, 2024
Is calling soft ice cream with chocolate “ice cream ear” racist?

In 2024, the use of certain words in ice cream has become a topic of heated discussion in Leipzig. The controversy surrounding the popular dessert “Eismohr” with chocolate coating has taken a turn when left-wing politician Oliver Gebhardt called for it to be banned. According to him, the term “Moor,” which was used as a derogatory term for black people during colonialism, is still being used by some places out of tradition, including the controversial “Mohrenkopf” and “Mohr im Shirt.”

The Duden classifies the word “Moor” as an outdated and discriminatory term that should not be used today. Despite years of debate, some people still use it without realizing its true meaning. At the recent trade fair in Leipzig, over 750 dealers exhibited their products at the “Haus Garten Freizeit” event. The organizers of the fair emphasized their commitment to rejection of racism and exclusion of minorities, and immediately took action to remove any wording that could be viewed as critical once they became aware of it.

The controversy over this ice cream came to light after information about its advertising was brought to the attention of the organizers. They quickly removed the offensive term from all advertising signs at immediate effect. It is important for businesses and individuals to recognize and avoid using language that can cause harm or discrimination towards others. By taking swift action against such violations, we can work towards creating a more inclusive and respectful society for all people.

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