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Belgium’s Working Population on the Rise: Trends, Statistics, and Insights

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
Over 250,000 Belgians have a second job

The working population in Belgium is steadily increasing with multiple jobs, as per the data from the Belgian statistics agency Statbel. Approximately 260,000 people or 5.2 percent of the working population had a second job in 2023. This figure is an increase from 3.8 percent in 2018, indicating a growing trend towards having additional jobs.

A quarter of wage earners are currently employed part-time, and highly educated individuals and those aged between 25 to 49 are more likely to have a second job. However, what’s interesting is that there used to be more men than women with multiple jobs, but that gap has now been closed. Nearly six out of ten additional jobs are performed by self-employed individuals, who work across various sectors such as human health, education, and wholesale and retail trade.

In addition to this, more than a quarter of salaried employees in Belgium work part-time. Women are more likely to do so than men, citing personal reasons for reducing their working hours while caring for children or others. Women often choose the most popular part-time regime for both genders – working four-fifths – whereas men may opt for other regimes depending on their needs.

By Samantha Jones

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