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Basserou Diomaye Faye: A Polygamous Candidate for Senegal’s Presidential Elections

BySamantha Jones

Apr 2, 2024
Unconventional Precedent: Two First Ladies of Senegal at the Presidential Palace

In a momentous occasion for Senegal’s political landscape, Basserou Diomaye Faye made a remarkable gesture during the country’s presidential election campaign. Just before the end of the campaign, he publicly revealed his polygamy, holding hands with his two wives, Marie and Absa. This act was met with thunderous applause from thousands of supporters.

Faye, who has been married to Marie for fifteen years and has four children with her, also recently married Absa. Polygamy is a deeply ingrained cultural and religious practice in Senegal, but it remains a controversial topic in a country that is over 90% Muslim.

Faye’s public appearance with his two wives rekindled discussions on polygamy in the media, on social media, and among families. The response was mixed, with some seeing it as an opportunity to promote transparency and others condemning it as an affront to women’s rights.

In recent years, there have been calls for polygamy to be abolished by various organizations such as the United Nations Human Rights Committee in 2022. However, many men see it as a way to expand their families and maintain cultural traditions. Meanwhile, women continue to criticize polygamy as discriminatory against them.

The election of a polygamous president raises questions about protocol surrounding multiple wives in the presidential palace. The practice of polygamy continues to spark debates in Senegal, highlighting the complexities and contradictions within the country’s cultural norms.

Overall, Faye’s decision to reveal his polygamy on stage was a bold move that brought attention to this traditional practice in Senegal. While some may see it as an affront to women’s rights or as an example of male privilege, others view it as an opportunity for openness and honesty about relationships within marriage. As Senegal continues its journey towards democracy and progression towards gender equality issues like this one will undoubtedly arise again; however Faye’s action could serve as an inspiration for other men to be transparent about their relationships ultimately leading towards a more open society.

By Samantha Jones

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