• Sat. Apr 1st, 2023

Authorities warn about AI-mostly primarily based voice cloning technologies applied for scams


Mar 18, 2023

“People will speedily be capable to use tools like ChatGPT or even Bing and sooner or later Google, to make voices that sound fairly drastically like their voice, use their cadence,” told CTV Marie Haynes, an artificial intelligence specialist. “And will be fairly, fairly tough to distinguish from an actual actual reside unique individual.” 

Carmi Levy, a technologies analyst, further warned that these days the technologies exists to allow scammers to even spoof the phone numbers of loved ones members and mates. This will take the scam a step further, enabling the criminals to convince their victims that the get in touch with is basically coming from the unique individual they are impersonating.

“Scammers are employing increasingly sophisticated tools to convince us that when the phone rings, it is, in reality coming from that loved ones members member or that considerable other. That unique individual that we know,” he stated.

Measures to take to steer clear of becoming scammed

To steer clear of becoming scammed out of funds, Levy stated folks who get suspicious calls should straight away hang up and proceed to get in touch with the unique individual they assume is calling them straight. 

“If you get a get in touch with and it sounds just a tiny bit off, the 1st point you should do is say, ‘Okay, thank you fairly drastically for letting me know. I am going to get in touch with my grandson, my granddaughter, whoever it is that you are telling me is in challenges straight.’ Then get off the phone and get in touch with them,” he noted.

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