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Austria Lags Behind in AI Research and Economic Policy, Industrialist Warns


Feb 11, 2024
Austria falls significantly behind in the field of artificial intelligence

In the near future, artificial intelligence (AI) is predicted to have a profound impact on all aspects of life, according to industrialist Hannes Androsch. He believes that while there is excitement surrounding the topic, it’s important for individuals and governments to prepare for its potential consequences. Androsch also asserts that Europe, including Austria, lags behind the Americans and Chinese in terms of AI research and training.

To remain competitive in the global marketplace, Androsch suggests that Europe must invest heavily in these areas. He is particularly critical of Austria’s lack of support for schools and research spending and its slow funding process for research. However, he acknowledges that private investors like those behind NXAI are investing in basic research in Europe.

Clemens Wasner from AI Austria shares Androsch’s concerns about the pace of advancements in AI. He emphasizes that basic research in digital technology is becoming increasingly relevant to practical applications and urges Austria to adapt quickly to keep up with the rapid development of AI models.

Androsch also criticizes Austria’s current economic policy, arguing that it prioritizes structural maintenance over innovation and technological advancements like AI. He believes that political statements regarding elections do not address this issue sufficiently.

In conclusion, it is clear that significant improvements are needed in both research and economic policy in Austria if it wants to stay ahead of global advancements in AI and other technological innovations.

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