• Mon. Mar 4th, 2024

ArcBest Introduces Revolutionary Vaux Smart Autonomy Technology to Enhance Warehouse Operations


Feb 13, 2024
ArcBest introduces new autonomous and remotely controlled forklift technology

ArcBest is thrilled to announce the launch of its new technology, Vaux Smart Autonomy. This innovative product is an extension of the company’s existing warehouse freight management technologies and allows human operators to control autonomous mobile robot units remotely.

The units are equipped with sensors and cameras that enable them to navigate a warehouse floor, load and stack pallets, and move other goods. The teleoperator control center monitors the units when they are operated autonomously, ensuring safe and efficient operations.

Vaux Smart Autonomy can be used at existing warehouses, distribution centers, and manufacturing facilities. ArcBest is committed to innovation and ongoing investments in technology to drive profitable growth for both the company and its customers.

This exciting new offering joins ArcBest’s portfolio of products that improve efficiency, add labor flexibility, and create a safer working environment for businesses with complex operations. Last year, the company announced the Vaux Freight Movement System, a mobile platform that reduces the time it takes to handle freight on the dock and minimizes damage as forklifts no longer need to enter a trailer. These offerings are the result of ArcBest’s $175 million annual technology and innovation budget.

The Vaux suite of offerings is currently being piloted with manufacturing, automotive, and retail companies. ArcBest is excited about the potential this technology has to revolutionize warehouse operations and create a more efficient, flexible, and safe working environment for businesses across industries.

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