• Thu. Nov 30th, 2023

AOC Unveils High-Performance MiniLED Gaming Monitor with Impressive 180 Hz Refresh Rate


Nov 21, 2023

AOC has unveiled their new Q27G3XMN/BK 27-inch monitor, designed specifically for gamers seeking a high-quality HDR gaming experience at an affordable price. The display features a Fast VA panel with QHD resolution and MiniLED backlighting with 336 dimming zones, providing deep black tones and bright highlights on the same screen.

With a color depth of 10 bits, the monitor produces over 1 billion colors and has high color gamut coverage. It also boasts a 180Hz refresh rate and 1ms GtG response time, making it perfect for prolonged gaming sessions. The monitor comes equipped with an ergonomic stand and features Flicker-Free technology and Low Blue, ensuring comfortable use for long periods.

The Shadow Control option allows gamers to customize shadow levels and highlights for an immersive gaming experience. Adaptive-Sync eliminates tearing and stuttering, while Covering the Sight improves aim accuracy in FPS games. The OSD features can be adjusted using AOC G-Menu software or the buttons on the monitor itself.

The new Q27G3XMN/BK monitor is set to be released in November at a suggested retail price of €399.

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