• Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

Amidst Congressional Divide: US Senate Approves New Aid for Ukraine, But Face Challenges in House of Representatives


Feb 11, 2024
US Senate Takes Important Step in Providing Financial Aid to Ukraine

On Sunday, the US Senate took a crucial step towards the adoption of colossal new aid to Ukraine. However, the granting of this envelope, eagerly awaited in Kyiv, risks encountering a categorical refusal from the Trumpist Republicans in the other chamber of Congress.

Two years after the start of the Russian invasion, elected officials from the United States are unable to agree on the validation of new funds for Ukraine. The Democrats are, in the vast majority, in favor while the Republicans are divided between interventionist hawks and lieutenants of Donald Trump who are much more isolationist.

Despite opposition from right-wing elected officials in the House of Representatives, where they will face stiff opposition from Republicans, this Sunday, 18 Republican elected officials supported a bill presented by Joe Biden’s administration to provide aid to Ukraine. ‚ÄúToday, it is no exaggeration to say that the eyes of the world are on

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