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Alberto Marenghi: A Business Icon Takes the Lead in Confindustria’s Future


Feb 13, 2024
Alberto Marenghi Announces Bid for Confindustria Leadership

Confindustria, the national association of Italian manufacturers, is set to elect a new president by midnight today. The first candidacies have been submitted, including that of Alberto Marenghi.

Marenghi is currently the vice president of Confindustria with delegation for organization, development, and marketing. Born in Mantua in 1976, he is the CEO of the family paper mill in Mantua. He has also founded and leads two other companies: Cartiera Galliera in Padua and Sumus Italia in Milan.

Marenghi’s candidacy represents his commitment to promoting industrial growth and innovation in Italy. As a leader in the paper industry, he has demonstrated a strong track record of success and has shown a willingness to take on new challenges. If elected as president of Confindustria, Marenghi would bring valuable experience and expertise to the role.

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