• Fri. Dec 1st, 2023

Al-Shifa Hospital: Video Evidence of Hamas Terrorists Abducting Hostages


Nov 19, 2023

New revelations have shed light on the Israeli military’s discovery of a 55-meter long terror tunnel under the al-Shifa hospital grounds in Gaza. The hospital, which has been criticized by international organizations for its role in the ongoing conflict, is now being referred to as a “terror clinic” following this latest discovery.

Hamas, the ruling party in Gaza, has a history of using sensitive buildings such as hospitals, schools, and kindergartens as shields for their infrastructure. In this case, Hamas terrorists kidnapped around 240 hostages to the Gaza Strip, including citizens from 26 countries. The bodies of two Israeli hostages were found near the al-Shifa complex, with one of them being a 19-year-old soldier who was assassinated inside the hospital by a Hamas terrorist.

These revelations challenge the previous narrative of international criticism against Israel’s actions. It is clear that Hamas is not only using civilians as human shields but also using medical facilities as terrorist hideouts. This highlights the need for increased security measures to protect innocent civilians and medical personnel in war zones.

Furthermore, it has been revealed that even doctors and other hospital staff did not reveal the presence of foreign terrorist hostages in the clinic. This raises questions about their loyalty and whether they should be trusted to provide care to patients during times of war. It also brings attention to the importance of transparency and accountability in healthcare systems during times of conflict.

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