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Mar 16, 2023

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Episode summary:

What requires spot when we pause and open up to ideas that we didn’t think of ourselves? This episode is about intellectual humility, the capability to surrender to the notion that we might not have all the facts or could not be right. Our guest is Kelly Corrigan, a finest-advertising author and host of PBS speak show Inform Me A lot far more and podcast Kelly Corrigan Wonders. Her teams seem to her for path, but she wanted to see what would come about if she paused substantially far more to ask them inquiries, and identified it totally changed her method to every single her function and household life. We also uncover science about the subtle approaches we react differently to persons now we disagree with, and how intellectual humility can transform that.

Try this practice: Cultivate Intellectual Humility

If you can, generate out your answers.

  • When you encounter facts or an opinion that contradicts your opinion or worldview, ask oneself inquiries like these:

  • Why do you disagree?

  • Are you producing any assumptions? Could possibly these assumptions be incorrect?

  • How did you come to your opinion?

  • Think about the predicament from the viewpoint of a person who disagrees with you. Try to image how they came to believe what they believe:

  • What facts might they be basing their opinion off of?

  • What values do you think they’re weighing in how they think about this topic?

  • Can you image how they came to hold these values?

  • 3. Tap into your intellectual humility:

  • Figure out places precisely exactly where, ahead of, you didn’t acknowledge the limitations of what you know

  • Now that you have worked to see this concern from one particular far more person’s point of view, do you see substantially far more worth in their viewpoint?

  • What other approaches do you engage with viewpoints that challenge your individual? Do you notice any patterns?

  • Today’s guests:

    Kelly Corrigan is the author of five books. She’s also the host for PBS’s longform interview show, Inform Me A lot far more and Kelly Corrigan Wonders.

    Confirm out Kelly’s internet web page: https://www.kellycorrigan.com

    Comply with Kelly on Twitter: https://twitter.com/corrigankelly

    Comply with Kelly on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kellycorrigan/

    Mark Leary is a psychologist and emeritus professor at Duke University.

    Have an understanding of substantially far more about Mark and his function: https://internet pages.duke.edu/leary/

    Confirm out Mark’s study on Google Scholar: https://tinyurl.com/p8ayz8dn

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