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7 recommendations to get the most out of Proton Mail


Mar 17, 2023

For the privacy-savvy e-mail user, Proton Mail has a lot going for it: An intuitive, customizable interface, finish-to-finish encryption, and very simple integration with desktop consumers.

No matter if or not you are pondering about delivering Proton Mail a try or you want to get a lot extra out of your account, these recommendations and tricks want to give you a great believed of the capabilities of the e-mail service.

You can use Proton Mail for no price or invest for premium plans, starting at $5 a month. Ponying up will give you access to other Proton options, like Proton Drive and Proton Calendar. In the case of the e-mail service, a subscription extends the limits of the no price tactic (which only consists of 1GB storage, three labels, and three folders), despite the fact that delivering you added functions such as support for custom domains, and auto-reply messages.

You could have 1 label set up for carry out, for instance, and 1 for one thing to do with the small ones. They’re colour coded for ease of reference and you can speedily get to them from the navigation bars inside the Proton Mail app.

To apply a label, choose an e-mail and then click or tap the label button on the toolbar at the prime (net) or the bottom (mobile) of the screen—the button seems like a smaller sized luggage tag.

two. Customize the interface

There’s practically nothing at all undesirable about the default purple-and-white seem of Proton Mail, but there are lots of tactics to customize it on the net. Click the cog icon (prime appropriate), then pick Go to settings and Appear to see the options.

At the time of writing, you have got a choice of seven diverse colour schemes to select from, and a decision of layouts for the various diverse views in Proton Mail. Choose Compact, for instance, to lessen the spacing amongst messages.

3. Password defend your emails

If you want to make surely constructive an e-mail is only opened by the recipient, you can defend it with a password: In the compose window on the net or on mobile, click or tap the padlock icon at the bottom of the message. Proton Mail will then ask you to enter the password anticipated to unlock the message, plus an optional password hint.

Because the message is protected by a password, the recipient will not be capable to open it up like a standard e-mail. They’ll get a hyperlink that will direct them to a protected net web page on the net and the message will look only following they enter the password. Your make make contact with with will also be capable to reply to the e-mail straight, even with no obtaining a Proton Mail account.

4. See who is tracking you

A lot of advertising and marketing and marketing corporations will incorporate trackers in their emails to see when you open a message and on what devices. That facts and details assists them assess the effectiveness of ad campaigns and understand a lot extra about customers, but you might possibly appropriately take into consideration it an overreach in terms of your person privacy.

Proton Mail will block these trackers by default. On the net, click the shield icon just above a message to the appropriate to see if the platform has detected and blocked any trackers. If you want to turn the function off for what ever explanation, on the net click the cog icon (prime appropriate), then pick Go to settings and E-mail privacy.

5. Use swipes and shortcuts

The extra swiftly you can get by means of your emails the enhanced, and Proton Mail offers some help on each and every mobile and on the net. In the Android and iOS apps, you can deal with messages by swiping them to the left or right—to set what these gestures do, from starring messages to deleting them, from the important menu (three horizontal lines, prime left) go to Settings and select Swipe actions.

On the net, you can use keyboard shortcuts, a appropriately-identified way of getting a lot extra completed in considerably significantly less time. Click the cog icon (prime appropriate), then Go to settings and Messages and composing. Use the Keyboard shortcuts toggle switch to turn them on or off, and click the smaller sized ‘i’ icon subsequent to it to see a list of supported shortcuts.

You can use N to create a new message, R to reply to an e-mail, and A to archive it. You will be by means of your e-mail backlog in no time.

six. Filter incoming messages

Filters can do a lot of the genuinely really hard carry out of sorting by means of your incoming messages for you, and Proton Mail is appropriately covered in this division. To set up filters, go to the net client and click the cog icon (prime appropriate), then pick Go to settings and Filters.

Click Add filter and comply with the actions. Initially, you will have to have to give it a name, set the situations, and specify the actions that the filter will trigger. For instance, you could automatically archive newsletters or automatically star emails from your companion. Lastly, you will get to test the filter out in preview type prior to you save it. 

Proton Mail also offers however a different choice, Add sieve filter, which lets you code filters in a lot extra detail. You have to have to do this in the Sieve programming language, which is not difficult to master if you want to try it out.

When you are composing messages on the net, click the tiny arrow subsequent to the Send button to find the schedule function, which iPhone consumers will find by tapping the clock icon. Sadly, at the time of writing, the function hasn’t but made its way into the Android app.

If you are on a no price Proton tactic, you can pick from the encouraged dates and occasions, but if you are on a premium tactic, you can specify the precise moment you want your messages to leave your inbox. Proton Mail keeps outgoing emails in the Scheduled folder till it is time to send them, and if you have to have to, you can edit them from there.