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2024 Baseball Season Unfavorable for New York Teams, Yankees and Mets Struggle to Make the Playoffs: Sportsbook Odds

BySamantha Jones

Mar 27, 2024
Sports bettors show lack of support for Yankees and Mets as 2024 MLB season approaches

The New York baseball teams are not looking good for the 2024 season according to data from BetMGM Sportsbook. Both the Yankees and Mets are among the most bet teams to miss the playoffs. Despite some injuries affecting the team, the Yankees’ win total dropped from 93.5 to 91.5, while the Orioles have seen a significant increase in wins going from 87.5 to 90.5. However, oddsmakers still consider the Bronx Bombers strong contenders for the postseason, with only the Astros having better odds than them in the American League.

The Yankees and Orioles are currently dead even in the AL East race at +180, with only a few bets placed on them to win their division. On the other hand, Vegas bookies have low odds of making it into playoffs or winning their division for both teams.

Despite this, some experts believe that both teams will recover and perform well in the upcoming season. They suggest that they should focus on getting healthy and improving their gameplay strategies.

Overall, while some experts believe that both teams will turn things around and make it into playoffs or win their divisions, others feel that they are not favored among bettors to perform well in the 2024 season.

By Samantha Jones

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